Barclays Bank-account. Join Barclays Blue Rewards to qualify for money benefits 1

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Barclays Bank-account. Join Barclays Blue Rewards to qualify for money benefits 1

Flexible, gratifying banking

Apply to open a free account that lets you make benefits 1 for banking you keep your money under control with us and an app 2 that helps.

No charges to open up or make use of your account

You to definitely answr fully your questions – contact us, chat online or go to a branch

Using the option of obtaining an arranged overdraft, at the mercy of status 3

Cashback 4 when you shop through the Barclays software.

Make use of your phone to start a merchant account. Apply with a video clip selfie

For you only, their website you can apply in the Barclays app 4 – scroll down to ‘How to apply’ to start your application if you’re over 18, not a full-time student and the account’s.

You’ll need certainly to enter a details that are few just simply take a video clip selfie together with your phone, and upload a picture of one’s ID for people to check on. We’ll additionally run a quick credit check.

If you want to that’s it– we’ll let you know when you’re ready to start using your new account – that means you can start the switch from your old account.

Switch and also you can start rewards that are earning

Barclays Blue Rewards is our means of saying many thanks for banking with us by providing you money benefits every month – providing you with remain qualified.

When you’ve accompanied, you could get up to £7 a for using your account month. We’ll give you £3.50 for every single for the first two debits that are direct shell out through the account.

Switching is straightforward – it can take simply seven business days, as well as the full switch choice is backed by the existing Account Change Guarantee PDF, 38KB.

Handle the Barclays app to your money

Investing insights

See a directory of the kinds of things you pay money for and compare just how much you may spend with particular shops and companies by thirty days month.

Versatile protection settings

Temporarily freeze your debit card it, get a reminder of your PIN and set a daily limit for cash-machine withdrawals if you can’t find.

Track your instalments effortlessly

Day tap a payment to see when and where you spent your money, and check your payment calendar to see what’s due to leave your account before pay.

General information on overdrafts

An overdraft limitation is a borrowing center makes it possible for one to borrow cash using your present account.

There’s two kinds of overdraft – unarranged and arranged.

An arranged overdraft is just a limit that is pre-agreed which enables you to spend more money than you have got in your overall account. It may be a security web to pay for short-term outgoings, like a unanticipated bill. It’s not ideal for longer-term borrowing. We charge a fee for each and every time of this month you go beyond any fee-free limit you may have that you use your arranged overdraft where.

An unarranged overdraft is whenever you may spend more income than you have got in your overall account along with not agreed an arranged overdraft limit with us ahead of time or perhaps you have actually surpassed an existing arranged borrowing center.

You can easily just make re re re payments from your own account when you have sufficient money into your account or via an arranged overdraft to pay for them.

Barclays will usually try to get back any deal that may bring your account into an overdraft position that is unarranged. Having money that is enough your account or having an arranged overdraft limit may help avoid re payments such as for instance concern bills from being came back unpaid.

On really unusual occasions we might be struggling to get back a repayment ( e.g. because of an offline deal made for a journey) therefore the account may enter an unarranged overdraft. No extra costs will be employed in this example.

Information about the conduct of the account may be delivered to credit reference agencies. Much like any financial obligation or borrowing, this might impact your capability to obtain credit later on.

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